What does permeable mean?

What is an example of permeable?

The definition of permeable is a material that allows liquids or gases to pass through. A cloth that liquids can pass right through is an example of something that would be described as permeable. Rainwater sinks through permeable rock to form an underground reservoir.

What is another word for permeable?

Permeable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for permeable?

penetrable pervious
leaky porose
semipermeable spongelike
bibulous sieve-like
assimilative open

What does permeable to water mean?

If a substance is permeable, something such as water or gas can pass through it or soak into it. A number of products have been developed which are permeable to air and water. [ + to] Synonyms: penetrable, porous, absorbent, spongy More Synonyms of permeable.

How do you use permeable in a sentence?

  1. The skin of amphibians is permeable to water.
  2. Certain types of sandstone are permeable to water.
  3. The solvent passes through the permeable membrane to the solution.
  4. As well as dilating, the capillaries become more permeable and allow fluid to escape into the tissues, which produces swelling.
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What is an example of selectively permeable?

The most common example is the phospholipid bilayer cell membrane that surrounds every cell in our bodies. Another example of a selectively permeable membrane is the inner membranes of an egg. Phospholipids are molecules composed of a hydrophilic, or water-loving, head and a hydrophobic, or water-fearing, tail.

What are some examples of selectively permeable materials?

Examples of selectively permeable materials or items are;

  • Vacuum filter– it traps dust but allows air through.
  • Coffee filter– allows water to pass through, but does not allow the coffee grounds.
  • Colander -used to strain liquid food from foods. it drains water but is not permeable to larger food particles.

What is the another name for selectively permeable?

semipermeable membrane

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What does it mean to be selectively permeable?

Selective permeability of the cell membrane refers to its ability to differentiate between different types of molecules, only allowing some molecules through while blocking others. Some of this selective property stems from the intrinsic diffusion rates for different molecules across a membrane.

What is the opposite of permeable?

permeable(adj) allowing fluids or gases to pass or diffuse through. “permeable membranes”; “rock that is permeable by water” Antonyms: water-resistant, water-repellent, impermeable, retentive.

What does highly permeable mean?

: capable of being permeated: penetrable especially: having pores or openings that permit liquids or gases to pass through a permeable membrane permeable limestone.

What are permeable substances?

Something that is permeable can be passed through, especially by liquids or gases. A permeable surface allows materials like liquids to pass through — either in or out. Inside the body, the walls of cells are permeable membranes that allow fluids and nutrients to get in and nourish the cells.

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What does partially permeable mean?

Semipermeable membranes, also termed selectively permeable membranes or partially permeable membranes, allow certain molecules or ions to pass through by diffusion. While diffusion transports materials across membranes and within cells, osmosis transports only water across a membrane.

How do you use selectively permeable in a sentence?

Dense refractory metals or their alloys have been found to be selectively permeable to hydrogen. In addition to palladium and its alloys, other metals and oxides in nonporous forms are known to be selectively permeable to some gases. A semi-permeable membrane is otherwise known as a selectively permeable membrane.

How do you use the word pervasive in a sentence?

Pervasive in a Sentence

  1. The media’s pervasive coverage of the epidemic has most of the country living in fear.
  2. In many cities, police corruption is a pervasive issue that touches all communities.
  3. Voters are concerned about the pervasive rate of unemployment that is harming both the rich and the poor.

What is the function of a cell’s selectively permeable membrane?

The presence of a selectively permeable membrane allows the cell to exercise control over the quantum, timing and rate of movement of these molecules. Movement across a selectively permeable membrane can occur actively or passively. For example, water molecules can move passively through small pores on the membrane.

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