Readers ask: What is a safe word?

What does safe word mean?

A safeword is a code word or series of code words that are sometimes used in BDSM for a submissive to unambiguously communicate their physical or emotional state to a dominant, typically when approaching, or crossing, a physical, emotional, or moral boundary.

What is a good safe word?

The top safe word is, predictably, “red,” but there were some less obvious ones: “yellow,” “orange,” and “purple” also made the top 15. Then there were the more literal choices: “Stop” at number two, “safe word” at number nine, “mercy” at 10, “safe” at 12,” and “no” at 13.

How do I choose a safe word?

“Maybe tapping your partner’s shoulder or winking, a peace sign or crossed fingers — as long as they will see it and understand it,” Maness says. If you’re someone who likes to laugh or joke during sex, it may be a good fit for you and your partner(s) to choose a funny safe word.

What’s a safe word in a relationship?

A safeword is a word you wouldn’t usually use in sex, like “red” or “pineapple” or “unicorn,” so that when you use it, your partner immediately knows that they need to pause what’s happening and check in with you. A safeword is typically used to stop a physical act in sex.

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What’s the safe word in 50 shades?

For instance, in Fifty Shades Of Grey Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey’s safe word was yellow. For this reason, the safe words people have adopted when engaging in rough sex, BDSM or kink can be quite peculiar. “Yellow” was the safe word adopted by 50 Shades Of Grey lovers, Christian and Anastasia.

What’s a safe word drink?

Safeword drinks in bars are designed to help women—and men—who don’t feel safe. The patron in crisis can order a coded drink that lets bartenders and servers know that there’s trouble. Sometimes it’s a code word, sometimes an eagle-eyed bartender, and sometimes an unknowing stranger steps in to lend a hand.

What are some secret words?


  • clandestine.
  • covert.
  • hugger-mugger.
  • hush-hush.
  • intriguing.
  • mysterious.
  • quiet.
  • secret.

What’s your safe word pineapple juice?

My safe word is ‘pineapple juice,’” he said. “We gonna take pictures?” When the bounty hunter asked him to bring his ankles up to his butt, he had to stop halfway and admit that he doesn’t stretch. “That’s how far I go!” he yelled with his feet in the air.

Why do you need a Safeword?

Using a safe word is important in situations and scenarios where roles are undertaken, particularly when consent is required. A safe work needs to be used that both parties understand the meaning and that when it is used, that the scene needs to stop, immediately.

What is an emotional Safeword?

A safe word lets the other person know that it’s time to take it easy or to stop when things get rough. A good safe word is a word or signal that lets the other person know the emotional state you are in and it draws a boundary before the other partner oversteps boundaries and things aggravate beyond repair.

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