Readers ask: What did you just say?

What did you just say or said?

It’s incorrect. Why because, “did” is already a past tense and “said” is also a past tense. Hence it is right to use “What did you just say?”.

What did you say what have you said?

What did you say?” (simple past) asks about a specific past occasion. “What have you said?” (present perfect) is less focused on a specific past occasion, and more interested in the fact that something has been said at all (at any time), with the implication that this may have an effect on the present situation.

What did you say Meaning?

I know that ‘What did you say?’ means ‘Come again. ‘ or more politely ‘Pardon me?’

Did you just Or have you just?

Both are correct, but it depends on your context. Did you just say that? is a past tense and implies that the speaker is concerned about the event in the past (even if it was only ten seconds ago) Have you just said that? on the other hand, is a present tense.

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Did say or said?

1 Answer. The difference is that ‘did say‘ adds emphasis or confirmation, for example if the ‘guys’ had expressed doubt or surprise that you said that, or you had not been sure whether you had said it. Further emphasis could be provided by preceding ‘did‘ with an adverb such as really, actually or definitely.

Is the both of us correct grammar?

Yes, certainly “both of us” can be correct, both in usage and grammar, because the word “us” can indicate which two individuals from a group of more than two. Thus used, “both of us” is grammatically correct, as is “…the both of us”, “for us both”, “by us both” “to us both”, “ between the both of us”, and so on.

What did you feel or how did you feel?

“How does it feelIt’s in the present/ recent past. The question “What did you feel?” is asking what was felt physically, by touch. Asking “How did you feel?” is asking what emotion someone felt, not physically, here is an example: Person A: How did you feel? Person B: I felt happy.

What is the meaning of what do you say?

(idiomatic, childish) Used to ask or remind a child to say a polite expression. (idiomatic) Used to ask someone if they are willing to do something. Let’s go to the movies tonight, what do you say?

What you have said meaning?

have said” is present perfect; youre describing something that occurred in the past and was completed no later than now. “had said” is past perfect; youre describing something that occurred in the past and was completed no later than some other thing that happened in the past.

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What’s your say Meaning?

To have your say means to get an opportunity to deliver your opinion on something. If you’re at a loud and hostile town council meeting, you might not get a chance to have your say unless you shout it.

What you trying to say meaning?

Usually ‘what are you trying to say?’ means ‘I think you are thinking something more than you are actually saying‘. It’s like saying ‘what do you mean?’ when the meaning is clear at one level.

What did said or say?

You should saywhat did he say?” Because it is a question and did is a past tense verb so yeah. You wouldn’t say “what he said” because that just sounds wrong and the two different phrases give off different meanings.

Did someone just said or say?

2 Answers. What did you say? The simple reason for this is that when you form a question like this in English, you use an auxiliary verb, in this case “do”. When the question is in the past tense, you conjugate the auxiliary verb, but the main verb is just the bare infinitive, “say“, and never changes.

Did you just call or called?

The correct sentence is DID YOU CALL HIM? Did is past tense in itself. Hence, in this sentence since you already used a past tense (did), pi cannt use another past verb(called). So the correct tense for the verb call will be the present tense which is call.

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What do you do or what did you do?

So in summary, “what did you do?” is a question, whereas “what you did” is a special kind of sentence called a nominal clause. Both are related together because they are connected to the same subject-verb-object.

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