Quick Answer: What does tele mean?

What does the prefix tele mean?

Definition of tele– (Entry 2 of 2) 1: distant: at a distance: over a distance telegram. 2a: telegraph teletypewriter. b: television telecast. c: telecommunication telemarketing.

Is Tele Greek or Latin?

tele-, 1 prefix. tele- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “far. ” It is attached to roots and sometimes words and means “reaching over a distance, carried out between two remote points, performed or operating through electronic transmissions”:telegraph;telekinesis;teletypewriter.

What is another word for Tele?

Tele Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for tele?

telly box
goggle box television receiver

Is Tele a suffix?

The prefix tele, which comes from the Greek word for ‘at a distance’ is found in many words. Suffixes are letters added to the end of words to form new words. The suffix phone comes from the Greek word for ‘sound’. When you learn the meanings of word roots, it enables you to understand the meaning of other words.

What does melancholy mean?

adjective. Definition of melancholy (Entry 2 of 2) 1a: suggestive or expressive of sadness or depression of mind or spirit sang in a melancholy voice. b: causing or tending to cause sadness or depression of mind or spirit: dismal a melancholy thought. 2a: depressed in spirits: dejected, sad.

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What does iconoclast mean?

1: a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions. 2: a person who destroys religious images or opposes their veneration.

What does abide mean?

intransitive verb. 1: to remain stable or fixed in a state a love that abided with him all his days. 2: to continue in a place: sojourn will abide in the house of the Lord. abide by. 1: to conform to abide by the rules.

What is Tele in Latin?

tele1. a combining form meaning “distant,” especially “transmission over a distance,” used in the formation of compound words:telegraph.

What does brooch mean?

: an ornament that is held by a pin or clasp and is worn at or near the neck.

What words have the root word tele?

Terms in this set (7)

  • telephone. (noun) sound from far away.
  • television. noun. seeing distant things.
  • telegraph. noun. writing from a distance.
  • telescope. noun. device for looking at distant objects.
  • telethon. noun.
  • telephoto. noun.
  • telepathy. noun.

What is another word for distant?

What is another word for distant?

far remote
faraway outlying
removed away
afar deep
separate yonder

What does bias mean?

(Entry 1 of 4) 1a: an inclination of temperament or outlook especially: a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment: prejudice. b: an instance of such prejudice. c: bent, tendency.

What is a prefix for far away?

Prefix – tele (far away)

What is the meaning of wholehearted?

1: completely and sincerely devoted, determined, or enthusiastic a wholehearted student of social problems. 2: marked by complete earnest commitment: free from all reserve or hesitation gave the proposal wholehearted approval.

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What does the suffix mean in the word capitalism?

countable] a distinctive belief, theory, system, or practice; anything that could be referred to by a word with the suffix -ism:capitalism, socialism, and other isms.

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