Question: What i’ve learned?

What I learned or what I’ve learned?

Explanation: Past Simple tense (I learned) tells only about the fact that occured in the past, while Present Perfect tense (I have learned) indicates a connection between the fact in the past and the present situation.

What have you learned in 50 years?

50 Things I Learned in 50 Years

  • Life is too short to put up with people who don’t bring joy to your life.
  • You know your children best, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
  • Ask for what you want.
  • You CAN have it all.
  • Balance is pointless.
  • Do the things that scare you most.
  • It’s never too late to do something new.

Has learned or had learned?

I hope these examples help you understand that we use: have learned… if the learning continues into the present, had learned… if the learning took place in the past.

What to say instead of I learned?

1 Answer. I have ascertained, comprehended, demonstrated, assimilated, established, discovered, fathomed, verified.

What’s another way to say lessons learned?

Suggested alternatives include lessons learned, “things one learned” – or simply lessons – discoveries, findings, insights, and takeaways.

How can I learn to spell?

Five guidelines for learning to spell

  1. Practice makes permanent.
  2. Don’t try to learn all the words at once.
  3. Review, and review some more!
  4. Practice spelling as if you expect to spell those words right when you’re writing.
  5. Use the words you’ve practiced.
  6. Trace, copy and recall.
  7. Reverse chaining by letter.
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How do you use have had in one sentence?

We use have had in the present perfect when the main verb is also “have”:

  1. I’m not feeling well. I have had a headache all day.
  2. She has had three children in the past five years.
  3. We have had some problems with our computer systems recently.
  4. He has had two surgeries on his back.

How do you use learned in a sentence?

Learned sentence example

  1. It’s the lessons we learned from the past.
  2. I had no plans to share with Howie what I’d learned of his previous life.
  3. Life sometimes got in the way of their goals, but they learned to be resilient.
  4. I learned a song about spring.
  5. You finally learned how to smile again.

Has had or had?

The present perfect form of have is have had. The past perfect form of have is had had (had + past participle form of have). The past perfect tense is used when we are talking about the past and want to refer back to an earlier past time.

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